1. Resume – put your design/tech stuff at the top, performance after
  2. Portfolio – start with what your concentration will be but also include samples of all your design, creative work
    1. Lighting Designs
      1. Colleges like to see your notes in the script; want to see your thought processes for coming up with your designs
      2. Like to see hand draftings
      3. If Vectorworks experience, include that
    2. Costume designs – only need photos of finished product; do not need photo layout of steps
    3. Set Designs – Include hand draftings
    4. Photography
    5. Drawings/Paintings
    6. Anything else that shows your creativity
  3. Go to school websites and find out what they are looking for in the Portfolio; we found that each school is different – some don’t require one at all, some only want a few items submitted, and some want as much as you can provide. But in reading thru each one, you can gain tips that can be used with all.
  4. Some schools let you do interview via Skype (BU), some require in person (Michigan), some that were at showcase will allow that as your interview (Univ of Northern CO, Rutgers), and some don’t require an interview (CU Boulder, Northeastern). Most with a BA don’t require; most with a BFA do.
  5. If you can, decide on BA vs BFA, Conservatory vs Traditional upfront – it can save you lots of time/money
  6. General tip for all on applications:
    1. Apply Early Action wherever possible – it just helps to get some of those out of the way and get word back early; knowing that you’ve been accepted somewhere eases the stress
    2. Go to websites to see what is required for essays, if there is an extra application and essays for theater.
      1. We created a document with links, essay requirements, interview/portfolio requirements, etc for each college interested in.
      2. Know that no matter how much the website may tell you, it will not be the complete picture. Once you get into the Common App and get to the specifics for each school, there will often be additional essays required.
  7. Keep a Spreadsheet of work to do