Board Members

Name Position Child
Kristy Moore President Hannah (Class of 2022)
Aletha Stevens-Kruse Vice-President: Guild/Student Activities Faith Stevens (Class of 2021)
Rhonda Thompson 1st VP: Guild Activities Alumni
Valerie Smith 2nd VP: Guild Activities Alumni
Allison Francis Assistant VP: Student Activities Sam (Class of 2023)
Mickey Freedman Student Activities Jack (Class of 2023)
Kearney Crowley Student Activities Kate (Class of 2023)
Beth Chapman Secretary Abby (Class of 2022)
Rebecca Ordinario Treasurer Nora (Class of 2022)
Julie Cash-Teague Assistant Treasurer Sam (Class of 2023)
Mariah Taylor Hospitality Claire (Class of 2023)
Stephanie Richmond Assistant Hospitality Sidney (Class of 2022)
Tonya Perkins Volunteers Coordinator/Sign up Genius Micala (Class of 2021)
Tiffany Riley Communications: Newsletter & Social Media Lily (Class of 2021)
Will & Leah Tharp Membership Rose (Class of 2021)
Elly Marsh Senior Showcase Mailing List Ria (Class of 2022)
Karen Post Concessions Emily (Class of 2023)
Treon Kranz Concessions Lily (Class of 2023)
Alex Burmeister Merchandise Andie Beasley (Class of 2022)
Shari Sandberg Merchandise and Arts Pass Mara (Class of 2022)
Kristin McCollum Feed the Kids (Lead) Lily (Class of 2021)
March Baremore Feed the Kids
Heather Smallwood Feed the Kids Jaelyn (Class of 2022)
Stacey Brown Community Outreach Advocate: Corporate & Non-Corporate Sponsorships & Marketing/Grant Writing Azalea (Class of 2023)
Shawn Magill Corporate Sponsorships & Playbill Sales Tara (Class of 2022)
Kathy Gameros Student Playbills Chairman: Sales/Design Zoe (Class of 2022)
Cris Partida McEachern Student Playbill: Design Assistant Elliot (Class of 2024)
Craig Willert Student Playbill: Design Assistant Blake (Class of 2022)
Will & Leah Tharp Website Design/Editor Rose (Class of 2021)
TBD Musical Theatre Liaison
Wendy Koster Photographer Zander Pryor (Class of 2021)
Cindi Wakefield Scholarship Chair Gracie (Class of 2023)

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