The Theatre Guild has been awarded a $12,750 grant to facilitate a complete overhaul of the theatre library and to support Senior Showcase. The grant was awarded by the Travelers Foundation, the charitable arm of Travelers Insurance. The name of the grant project is, “College Readiness the ARTS Way,” and will include:

– Resource materials that will cover all aspects of theatre including Acting, Set Design, Costume Design, Lighting Design, Stage Management, Playwriting, Set Construction, Costume Construction, Props and Make-up.
– Shelving for books and materials.
– Desk for students to work with resource materials
– Additional Computer for resource library
– HP Printer/Copiers

Senior Showcase:
– Food & drinks for college representatives & senior BTW students
– Drinks for same number of people and serving items
– Personal items to support our showcasing seniors
– Senior workshop on Interviewing skills and making the best first impression at college interviews (taught by Carl Youngberg from CONCEPTS 3 INC. and Jobbing America)

In giving this grant and others, Travelers has expressed this intention for the program: “Travelers is ensuring opportunity by contributing to efforts that create strong, vibrant communities and offer pathways to success. Through corporate funding and the Travelers Foundation, Travelers targets its giving to three key outcomes: academic & career success, thriving neighborhoods and culturally enriched communities. With the primary focus of educating underrepresented students to lead tomorrow’s workforce, Travelers also contributes to organizations that aid in developing communities through small business support and neighborhood revitalization, and enriching lives and learning through arts & culture.”

We celebrate what this grant will mean for our school and current students. Thanks to the Travelers Foundation!